Author Topic: Optical Characteristics of Telescopic Systems-Design Considerations  (Read 622 times)

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Optical Characteristics of telescopic systems generally considered as having a primary effect upon the tactical performance of a fire control instrument are:
  • field of view - angular field of view of a telescope which is to be employed in a direct fire role
  • magnification - sufficient to permit the observer to detect targets at the maximum range of weapon employment
  • exit pupil diameter - as the diameter of the eye pupil varies with the level of illumination, it is desireable that the exit pupil of the telescope be of sufficient diameter to permit maximum utilization of telescope under the worst conditions of ambient illumination

Often times, the selection of specific design parameters are a result of careful consideration of tactical employment of the total weapon system, total required system accuracy, and relative costs in terms of gain in performance.  Usually a compromise between the characteristics are required to bring about a practical telescopic system for integration into the weapon system.
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