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Zeiss Asalumen 110mm Telescope

Started by Martin Soerensen, November 06, 2017, 11:02:19 PM

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Martin Soerensen

Since the telescope section was still to get its first post, I thought I would start with
a decorative item by Zeiss.

A 1905 model Asalumen, 110 mm telescope on its original pyramid wooden stand with elevating cradle.
Three piece ocular revolver

I use it regularly for observing the stars, the view is phenomenal
All good things will come to those who believe

Greg Boreland

Very nice old telescope Martin looks built to last.The elevation wheel on the tripod give it a classic look and the revolving oculars reminds me of an assembi,
                                                                       Thanks for sharing

Martin Soerensen

Hi Greg, the elevating wheel closeup
All good things will come to those who believe

Greg Boreland

Thank you for the extra image Martin it really show how robust its construction is.
The wheel would not look out of place on a piece of heavy artillery.
Also quite incredible to think it has been around for over 100 years and has survived the ravages of the First World War and the 2nd without a scratch.
                              A remarkable survivor and nice to know it's safe from the polishers, Cheers