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Nr.7042 Zeiss 80mm astronomical / terrestrial observation telescope

Started by Simon Tomlinson, October 30, 2018, 11:58:26 pm

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Simon Tomlinson

One of my main collecting interests is the output of the Zeiss Astro department, including Zeiss telescopes and accessories.

The example I am showing here has an 80mm diamater objective with a focal length of 120cm. The serial number of the telescope is 7042. The objective is engraved round the edge of the brass cell 'Nr..3288 E f=120cm'. 'E' designates the type of objective.

This model was supplied with an erecting prism and triple revolving turret for terrestrial observation, fitted using a quick release mount. This can be removed and replaced with a simple tube to hold one eyepiece for astronomical viewing.

Although the telescope needs cleaning and some restoration, it produces an excellent high resolution image.

Unfortunately the two removable eyepieces were stolen from the auction house while it was on display. Hopefully one day i will be able to find replacements engraved with the correct magnification for the focal length.

This telescope was first illustrated in a Zeiss Astro catalogue dated 1908. It also appeared in a later catalogue from 1915.

I estimate that my example dates somewhere between these two dates, maybe around 1912.

The telescope tube and the elevating tripod and mount are made from steel and cast iron. The other fittings are brass. It is extremely heavy and the tripod provides a very stable mount.

Simon Tomlinson

Martin Soerensen

Thank you for showing Simon, an impressive piece. I had a similar model previously, yet it is no longer with me. The image was excellent I recall.
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