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KT-2 Sight for Maxim MG in fortifications

Started by Zbig Fiema, November 14, 2017, 01:38:53 am

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Zbig Fiema

Here is a rather impressive gunsight for Russian Maxim MG, as used in permanent fortified emplacements. Length almost 1.05 m. Marking in cyrillics: KT-2 N 4211 K PUL MAKSIMA (for Machinegun Maxim type) Hammer Star and Sickle 1940. Crosshair graticule moving horizontally and vertically by two knobs
Similar gunsight used by the Finnish Army for antitank cannon M-40 in bunker emplacements during WW2

Greg Boreland

What an amazing gunsight and still in its box with rubber eyecup intact.
I can't imagine the amount of work required to produce the sight so much fine machining.
                                                                                               Great find Zbig, thanks for sharing.

Zbig Fiema

To top the story, it still have a Finnish army technical inspection tag attached and marked 1942  :D

Greg Boreland