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0338988 Zeiss Telactem 8x24 Rodenstock Berlin with flat eyecups 1913

Started by Winfried Tuerk, May 13, 2019, 01:34:05 am

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Winfried Tuerk

According to Seeger (Blue Book, p. 538 and following), the Telactem was produced only for the short period between 1910 and 1913. The individual focussed Telact had a somewhat longer production period between 1907 and 1913-1914. Seeger praises Telact and Telactem for being among the best handheld binoculars ever produced by Zeiss.

Indeed, I like both models very much. Clean and well collimated, they deliver tack-sharp images up towards the edges of the fov. Furthermore, when you bring the pair to your eyes, the image "stands" immediately clear and complete in front of you.

As a special feature, my specimen is equipped with flat eyecups improving the fov for spectacle wearers (like myself...). I like the warm patina of these old brass veterans very much.

On the IDP the logo of Rodenstock Berlin is visible. By 1877 Josef Rodenstock acts as retailer for optical gear and eyeglasses. The company still exists today as a world-wide acting concern. Before the Second World War, the main branches were located in Berlin and Munich. The relationship to the famous optical manufacturer G. Rodenstock in Munich is not exactly known to me, but there is indication, that there were business (and family too?) relations between both companies.
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Winfried Tuerk

The page of a 1912 English Zeiss catalog shows the Telactem.
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Rodolfo Peirano

Dear Winfried,

beautiful Telactem and in particular with the Rodenstock signature.

From Wikipedia you can read:

Rodenstock generations

Josef Rodenstock (1878-1905) On 1 January 1878, Josef Rodenstock , a peddler of self-designed measuring instruments and spectacle frames from Thuringia, began business operations together with his brother Michael of the company "G. Rodenstock" which had been founded in W├╝rzburg in 1877.

Alexander Rodenstock [(1905-1953) Alexander Rodenstock joined the company at the age of 22 in 1905. He had given up his studies of physics and economics at the urging of his father and started to prepare to take over the management of the family company; he did so in 1919.

Rolf Rodenstock (1953-1990) Rolf Rodenstock had a diploma in general business, a doctorate and a professorship. He took over the helm of the family company from his father in 1953. He supervised the reconstruction of the company and Rodenstock's own "economic miracle" and was considered one of the most respected corporate personalities of the still young Federal Republic.

Randolf Rodenstock  (1990-2003) Randolf Rodenstock joined the company in 1976 and initially managed the company together with his father following his study of physics at Munich University and a subsequent MBA at the INSEAD management school in Fontainebleau, France. He took over general responsibility for the company in 1990 and focused the company on the demands of increasing industrial globalization.
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Winfried Tuerk

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Thanks Rodolfo!

...and here even more Rodenstock history...
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Uli Zeun

oder Lesematerial als Buch:
Dirk Reder/Severin Roeseling   "AugenBlicke: Die Geschichte der Optischen Werke G. Rodenstock"

  • Gebundene Ausgabe: 192 Seiten

  • Verlag: Piper; Auflage: 1., Aufl. (1. Mai 2003)

  • Sprache: Deutsch

  • ISBN-10: 3492044824

  • ISBN-13: 978-3492044820

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