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Hensoldt monocular or half binoculars ?

Started by Rodolfo Peirano, May 13, 2019, 11:04:13 am

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Rodolfo Peirano

This "monocular" may be a monocular or an half binocular.

Actually it looks like a half binoculars since it has the remains of the bridge connection, but right in the flat part of this, there are engraved marks and characteristics of the optic.

Could Uli know more about it ?
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Winfried Tuerk

Seems to me a little "home made". Notice the scratched surface of the former bridge block (typical for the "Hindenburg-Dialyte"). The 8 of the power is visible twice and so on.

Make two from one Marine Dialyt?

The serial number appears to be plausible, from the early 1920s. On Dialyts, the Wacht-logo was probably used still after 1920.
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Uli Zeun

May 14, 2019, 03:00:01 pm #2 Last Edit: May 14, 2019, 03:08:58 pm by Rodolfo Peirano
Most certainly a genuine monouclar. The half Dialyt also could have a serial number on top or bottom of the bridge stump.
See: And compare:

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Rodolfo Peirano

everyone can learn from everyone - Rodolfo