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0000559 CZJ 4x Galeo

Started by Peter Schmoll Jr., June 09, 2019, 01:44:57 pm

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Rodolfo Peirano

Nothing is excluded Zbig, Who knows, in the future we will be able to find the true explanation. :)
everyone can learn from everyone - Rodolfo

Peter Schmoll Jr.

Hi Zbig,

I think your idea is good. Photos regularly appear, in which German soldiers still wear Galilean models (for example, the C91). This is also supported by the fact that the field-gray models of the Galeo have no K-stamp, although they probably come from around 1915. However, what speaks against it, is that the Galeo never appeared in official Zeiss catalogs. If you really wanted to build a pair of binoculars for the masses, you probably would have quickly stirred the drum. But still: the design can only speak for the intention of "mass production" ... as you say. I think that Zeiss wanted to produce a competing product for binoculars 08 (which had been successfully built by Busch / Goerz for 3-4 years). The 4x magnification should probably open the field of application "cavalry" (this is the 6x binoculars 08 not suitable). One will probably have seen quickly that the attempt has not started. I think the supremacy of the now established binoculars 08 (especially Goerz had best relations with the German military) was too big to find a place in the market.


Zbig Fiema

Hello Junior, yes, I do agree with what you say. As for the fact that Galeo has never appeared in official Zeiss catalogs, it is perhaps because it was supposed to be mass-produced specifically for the army, no need to advertise then...? Regards, Zbig