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Ostende 2019.

Started by James Stewart, October 08, 2019, 12:33:58 am

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James Stewart

Some general photos from the weekend meeting at Ostende, we both enjoyed the weekend, fully appreciating the work which went into the organisation of the event and to the talks given members. ( Takes a fair bit of courage and confidence to put yourself on the spot, so well done to all.)
It was very nice to be able to catch up with friends and to meet some of the folks whom we had met at Munich two years ago, so once again thank you to all who made this a very nice relaxing weekend.
I confess to having taken about 1400 photos, my "OCD" is not improving. :)

James Stewart

Alex Lipton

Very impressive. I wish I could attend. Best regards to all, Alex

James Stewart

For myself, this was an encounter which was a pure delight,  Simon Tomlinson from Sheffield brought with him some delightful optics, included in his display was this fantastic Ross "Stephnite 7x50, a very attractive, tactile and delightful binocular- I was just so pleased to see such an excellent example and even more so to see it in safe hands.
Seeing it was a total surprise and my word what a beauty - so good, Simon thank you for bringing this one with you, certainly made my day.
The case, as good as new - mint set.

James Stewart

Some of the amazing optics on display

James Stewart

Few more, thank you to the owners for their contribution.

Niall McLaren

Some lovely stuff James. Who owns the cxn 8x60?
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Uli Zeun

Hier der Zeitungsbericht zur BHS Ostende Tagung vom Freitag, 4.10.
Ich habe Übersetzungen mit Google-translate beigefügt und  soweit ich es gesehen habe sprachlich angepüasst  - einiges wird jedoch nicht unbedingt richtig übersetzt sein.

Here is the newspaper article on the BHS Meeting in Ostend from Friday, 4th.
I made translations with google-translate. When I spotted mistakes while skimming, I made corrections - yet there will be some translations erros, though.

* Mr. Monocular *

Uli Zeun

Brüüge Ausflug am Donnerstag
Thursday's Bruges tour.
* Mr. Monocular *

Uli Zeun

Konferenzanmeldung am Freitag und Ausstellungen.

Conference registration on Friday and exhibitions.
* Mr. Monocular *

Uli Zeun

October 08, 2019, 10:27:49 pm #10 Last Edit: October 08, 2019, 10:32:57 pm by Uli Zeun
Samstag Aktivitäten: Raversyde Domain mit Anno 1465 Museum und Atlantikwall-Gelände
Saturday's activities: Raversyde Domainwith Anno 1465 Museum and Atlantikwall site.
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Uli Zeun

Weitere Ausstellungsstücke und gemütlcihes Beisammensein in der optischen weinstube am abend.

More exhibits and socialising in the Optical the evening.
* Mr. Monocular *

Peter De Laet

Thank you James and Uli. We're currently collecting all footage of the meeting, yours (Wetransfer) would be most welcome!
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Frank Lagorio

Gosh, this looks great. Wish I was there.

Zbig Fiema