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Japan Optical Co. (Joico) Victor No. 4 6x 1919 with kyrillic marks?

Started by Winfried Tuerk, February 01, 2020, 12:50:32 pm

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Rodolfo Peirano

?.?.?. = ?????? ????????? ???? -> Far Eastern Territory or Far East Region

It may be correct Zbig ?

everyone can learn from everyone - Rodolfo

Uwe Derstroff

Here some additional information:
Manufacturer/Model: Fujii Brothers "Victor" No.4 X6 Field of View: Estimate 6.5 deg = 114 m/1,000 m; APFOV 36 deg Weight: 505 gr Exit Pupil: 3.66 mm Serial #/Year of Manufacture:1911-1917
Notes: Fujii Brothers was Japan's first binocular manufacturer. The company was established in 1909 in Tokyo as the Fujii Lens Works and using German glass and equipment made prismatic binoculars from 1911 through 1917. In 1917 the company merged with several others establishing a new company named Nippon Kogaku which is today known as Nikon. Fujii exported "Victor" number 1 to 7 binoculars to England, Russia and, as evidenced by this example, the United States. The company has no connection to today's Fujifilm Company maker of Fujinon binoculars

Alex Lipton

Hi Zbig,

K might stay for the Komitet or something like that. There were many governments in this area, and further East in Siberia, which had Komitet as part of their name, say the one run by Admiral Kolchak.

Will do.



Rodolfo Peirano

Have you read my link Alex ?  Aside from language, it seems to me quite exhaustive  ;) Google tranlsator can help. . .
everyone can learn from everyone - Rodolfo

Alex Lipton

Hi Rodolfo

I missed it. Krai (or region) is indeed a possibility - this is how this part of Russia is called now, but I think it was some sort of a local government during the Civil War.

We might never know.

All the best,


Zbig Fiema

Thank you, Alex and Rodolfo. Both Krai and Komitet may work.

Uli Zeun

Hi all,
attached are the photos of the Japanese "J.O. Co. Victor No.4 6x" binoculars that were presented in Febraury and now are with me.
If anyone is interested to swap (with monoculars), send a PM.
* Mr. Monocular *