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IOR 7x40 Valdada, Romanian military binocular

Started by Ionut Ilies, May 23, 2020, 05:46:30 pm

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Ionut Ilies

May 23, 2020, 05:46:30 pm Last Edit: May 23, 2020, 05:49:09 pm by Ionut Ilies
It is with great pleasure and honor to present my latest acquisition. IOR 7x40 sr. 05615/1980.
I have been scouting for a couple of years for this set. Probably one of my childhood dreams to own such a set. But as they say, the difference between men and boys is only the size (price) of the toys.
Few specs:The military binoculars of IOR Valdada are prism binoculars 7x40, similar to the NVA binoculars DF 7x40 from Carl Zeiss Jena.

"IOR Valdada was like Carl Zeiss, Jena, an important manufacturer of military optics for the Warsaw Pact.
 The type of glass used for the Porro prisms is BaK4 (barium crown glass), which, thanks to its 98% light transmission, ensures high detail resolution and a bright and true-color image. The glass is coated with magnesium fluoride. The waterproof metal body has a nitrogen filling.
Field of view: 148 m/1000m.
Exit pupil: 5,7mm
Close Up: 5m
Reticle in the right eyepiece
weight:1075 grams
Luminous intensity: 32,5
Fold-Out IR filter in the left eyepiece,2 pieces orange filters for the eyecups"
  The link provides a list of compassion IOR-SA 7x40 vs. Zeiss Jena EDF 7x40 vs. PZO 7x45


Rodolfo Peirano

Nice bino Ionut, although practically "a clone" of the EDF 7x40 it has nothing to envy to the Zeiss  :)
everyone can learn from everyone - Rodolfo

Zbig Fiema

Yes, nice binoculars, Ionut, but my advice is to try to find PZO 7x45 which, in my opinion, is no worse than Valdada  ;)