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Munich 2017

Started by binopedia admin, October 10, 2017, 01:34:51 am

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Martin Soerensen

thinking of it, I would just link to this thread, if you have more good pictures to show, please place them here.
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Uli Zeun

December 11, 2017, 01:30:49 am #16 Last Edit: December 11, 2017, 01:52:25 am by Uli Zeun
It's done:

I have written a sort of report about the BHS Munich Meeting and illustrated it with many pcitures which I had recieved from some of the participants. So, you may still send me your photos and I will include them, if they are special or fitting into the categories. Anyway, I appreciate every further contribution by sending me photos.

The Munich Report now is on my Website www.monocular.info sorted under BHS Meetings -scroll down to the bottom, or use this direct URL: www.monocular.info/bhs-meeting2017.htm

Martin, you can link to this or we can find a way how to incorporate thsi into the new BHS Website www.binocularhistory.info .


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Frank Weissörtel

Great summary, Uli!

Thank you very much.

Martin Soerensen

This is great, herzlichen Dank Uli
I will link it to the BHS site
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Hans Leichtfried

Thanks a lot Uli - through the detailed summary I can experience the missed meeting in thoughts.
L. G. Hans

Uli Zeun

December 11, 2017, 06:50:03 pm #20 Last Edit: December 11, 2017, 10:56:34 pm by Uli Zeun
So soll's ja sein. die einen finden sich und Erlebtes auf den Bildern wieder, die anderen können es zumindest etwas nachvollziehen, und weitere bekommen Lust, sich auf einer nächsten Tagung anzumelden.
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Peter De Laet

Thank you for this fine initiative Uli und Herzlichen Dank für deine ausgezeichnete Berichterstattung! Ich schicke dir sofort weitere Bilder.
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Uli Zeun

Hello, Hallo, Óla, Salut & Ciao!
I have added 12 more photos taken by Michael Kersten to my report on our BHS Meeting in Munich in October 2017.
I habe 12 weitere Fotos von Michael Kersten in meinem Bericht über unser BHS Treffen im Oktober 2017 in München hinzugefügt.
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Martin Soerensen

Excellent Uli,great pictures from Michael, I have added the link to the BHS page
All good things will come to those who believe

Uli Zeun

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James Stewart

Loved seeing the new photos, I must try and stay out of photos...... :)