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Chinese NIKULA 10-30x25

Started by Don Iliffe, July 31, 2020, 09:09:11 pm

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Don Iliffe

This is the only monocular I own at the moment, Bought it in Afghanistan as an alternative to carrying a pair of really expensive leicas. Also it fitted in the body armour easily, which the leicas did not.

Surprisingly they are quite good, which if you note the quality of the graduation marking, might belie that understanding. Low light performance is crap though.

Despite having a Finnish name, they have nothing to do with Finland.

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Zbig Fiema

Finnish? What's the meaning of "Nikula" in Finnish? Personal name?

Don Iliffe

Its a Finnish surname and also a town in Finland

Uli Zeun

I am not at home at the moment. So, I cannot take photos of my brand with the same design and other Nikula monoculars. Some are shown here: http://www.momore
When trying to translate "Nikula" inot and from Chinese with google translate it turns out to be "Nikolaus" (Nicolas, Nichlas). This may be the same meaning in finnish, but why should a Chinese maker just chose a Finnish name. It's more an interantional usable name.
Can you ascertain that the magnification really is 10x to 30x.
When I first bought monoculars of Chinese make more than ten years ago, they ttried to promote them with high power, but when I got one, it was afake and the specifications only pritned on the tube but not corresponding to the real power.
The smart feature on these design (often) is that the objective tube is a draw tube that enables the monocualr to function as a close-focus magnifier or microscope as well.
* Mr. Monocular *

Don Iliffe

It certainly does appear to provide a zoom function that goes up quite high and as you say, they also do near focusing as well.

They do the job quite well, certainly enough for my purposes at the time. Although impossible to use out of a helicopter, never going to happen. All you see is stuff jiggling up and down.

As for the name selection thinking, your guess is a good as mine. No idea.