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0000032 CZW Stereo-Telemeter Basis 0,51 mt.

Started by Rodolfo Peirano, August 03, 2020, 08:47:31 pm

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Rodolfo Peirano

Here is my latest find.

A Zeiss stereotelemeter complete with its case, most likely built in the first decade of the 20th century.

No punched number, but only No. 32 that I assume is the serial number.

From the Zeiss website we read:

Stereoskopischer Entfernungsmesser von 50 cm Basis und 8facher Vergrösserung
Anwendung diese Gerätes u. a. für militärische (infanteristische) Zwecke.

Der stereoskopische Entfernungsmesser beruht zum Unterschied von allen bisherigen Entfernungsmessern auf dem Sehen mit zwei Augen. Der Aufbau des Gerätes basiert auf dem Doppelfernrohr. In der Bildebene sind durch Zeichnung hergestellte und durch Photographie verkleinerte Marken mit Zahlen eingesetzt. Diese werden beim Sehen als Raumbild wahrgenommen. Dieses Raumbild liegt über dem Raumbild der Landschaft. Die Entfernung eines Landschaftspunktes kann somit unmittelbar an diesen künstlichen Merkzeichen abgelesen werden.

Device name:
Stereoscopic range finder of 50 cm base and 8x magnification

Use of this device u. a. for military (infantry) purposes.

In contrast to all previous range finders, the stereoscopic range finder is based on seeing with two eyes. The construction of the device is based on the double telescope. Marks with numbers created by drawing and reduced by photography are inserted in the image plane. These are perceived as a spatial image when viewed. This spatial image lies above the spatial image of the landscape. The distance of a landscape point can thus be read directly from these artificial signs.

Measuring carefully, the length of the base is 51 cm.
everyone can learn from everyone - Rodolfo

Martin Soerensen

Congratulations Rodolfo, the first I see of this model!
All good things will come to those who believe

Rodolfo Peirano

Thanks Martin,

some doubt about the building date. I have read 1901 1902 but the stereo telemeter seem was invented by Carl Pulfrich, who in 1908 developed this Carl Zeiss model.

The Zeiss technicians was incredible: It may be that my sources aren't reliable, but it's said that C.Pulfrich was blind in one eye. Despite not having stereoscopic vision, he studied this device based precisely on stereoscopic vision.

In any case, the font format in my opinion is earlier.

Another similar items is preserved in the museum of "Istituto geografico militare" in FLorence.


To note the mistake of the years (1920 / 1940)

Another one:


Thomas, please have more info about ?
everyone can learn from everyone - Rodolfo

Rodolfo Peirano

Quotesome doubt about the building date. I have read 1901 1902 but the stereo telemeter seem was invented by Carl Pulfrich, who in 1908 developed this Carl Zeiss model.

For those interested in the history of optics, after further research, I verified that my sources were wrong.

Carl Pulfrich presented in 1899, at a scientific congress in Munich, the first model of a stereoscopic rangefinder with a scale.


which confirms the year of construction 1901 1902.
everyone can learn from everyone - Rodolfo