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Forum Guidelines
« on: May 05, 2016, 10:21:16 PM »
All forum members should consider themselves as invited guests and participate accordingly.
All members agree, through the use of our services, to abide by the forum rules as detailed below;, is the main communication platform for the BHS, Binocular History Society. Our sites are dual language, in english and german.

We encourages a relaxed and respectful atmosphere in which to discuss optics from the early days of development up until the modern versions, share research and information material to the mutual benefit of all members.

The opinions and comments made in the posts written by our forum members and volunteer staff are the responsibility of the individual member. assumes no responsibility of the content expressed or implied by its membership.
Below are basic posting guidelines that the moderating team will be enforcing in order to achieve and maintain a professional atmosphere in our forums.  These rules are here as a necessity, but they can be summed up in a short version, the golden rule;
Treat others as you would like to be treated.

The long version,
I. Registration
Members registration - Activation of the new membership is possible directly via the site, approval will be given by the administrator directly.

II) Memberships
There are two levels of membership;
A) Free Membership - giving access to view and post all forum main and sub discussion sections. Private Message system and image upload is not enabled.

B) Premium BHS Membership - Euro 25 annual fee. The annual fee is non refundable - gives access to the members discussion section and classified section - Private Message system and image upload is enabled.
 - to activate Premium BHS Membership, go to your Profile / Actions / Paid Subscription  - Select Premium Membership  - payment only possible via Paypal.
C) Guest have very limited access
III) Membership Requirements
1) Member introduction:
All members are required to introduce themselves in the Who is Who section. We do suggest that all members will as minimum share following information: age, occupation and area of interest
2) Appropriated Username: The use of aliases is not allowed. This is a serious community, and as such we like to address each other by a proper name.
3) E-mail Address - A valid email address is required for membership. Please be advised that if by chance you do not provide a valid email address your registration will not be validated and your account will not be approved. If you later change your e-mail address, you will be required to validate such. If your e-mail address becomes non-responsive after registration your forum membership account is subject to be deleted.

IV) Posting Images and research information
1) Please keep images as small as possible by cropping to the area which you would like to highlight.  Appropriate and conservative posting of images in topics and replies is welcomed, however, we encourage our members not to over do the posting of images that do not relate to the topic at hand.
Photos are not permitted to posted, listed via an external server. To protect the content long-term, such posts will be deleted.

2) Referring to images on other sites should be done so cautiously.  Often the images are copyrighted and protected by that site.  Copyrighted images are not to be included on this site (except under the government guidelines of "fair use", in which case this should be noted) without the express written permission of the owner of the copyrighted image(s).
3) All research information and images posted by members may be under copyright and can only be use outside the Forum with the written permission of the author/owner. Violating this rule may result in your membership being removed
V) Posting Conduct
1) While we encourage lively discussion, we will not tolerate personal attacks, disrespectful comments, or disingenuous remarks toward any person (including their contributions and posts on the forums) or any organization.  Any person disparaging another forum member or organization in this regard, or violating forum rules and/or promoting any views that are not in harmony with the Code of Conduct, may have their comments either edited or removed without notice.  Any future incident thereafter may result in that member being permanently removed from the forum.
If you have a problem with a comment or actions in a posted thread, do not respond with any further comments that will aggravate or escalate the situation. Members who have a severe disagreement have two options of recourse:
A) Email the moderators, directing them to the individual and thread that the problem occurs in.
B) Resolve the problem between both of you via private means.  If the email/PM of the member is not available, then refer to the first option and request mediation.
Reacting to a disrespectful post with more disrespect puts YOU in jeopardy, and risks your forum membership account at being deleted.
If you have a complaint against one of the moderators or administrators, handle this in private email to and not in the forum.  Violating this procedure may result in your membership being removed
2. Members are to respect the designated TOPIC and CATEGORY AREAS when posting their comments.  This includes off-topic and promotional comments that may be inappropriately posted in the wrong topic or forum.  Those who post comments that do not relate to the category or thread/topic may have their comments closed, moved, or deleted without notice.  Members who post portions of appropriate on-topic remarks mixed with off-topic remarks that appear to the Moderators to be a subterfuge to commandeer the topic toward a different subject not intended by the topic's original author may also have their posts removed without notice.  Continual inappropriate posting may lead to a suspension of forum privileges.  Members should respect the discussion of a specific topic. Undermining a topic by posting a pattern of unrelated comments does not convey the necessary respect toward the topic author or other contributors.
3. Please do not post any profanity (harsh or mild).  Do not type your messages in ALL CAPS, because ALL CAPS is considered SHOUTING.
Forum rules & guidelines are not up for debate. While is available worldwide in all democracies, the forum itself is not a democracy. Posting here is a privilege, not a right. Although we encourage suggestions, improvements, and other comments, anyone openly debating the rules we have set in place may be removed without notice.  If you are unsure how your comment may be received, please privately email is and will remain a community work in progress. Complaints that are emailed and respectful suggestions that are posted in the  Technical Support forum usually lead to an improvement in the rules and guidelines.  Complaints are always welcomed via private email so that we can take them seriously to help improve our community.  Many members have contributed to the overall welcome feeling our forums have become known for.
Moderators of the forums are not to be openly and publicly argued with when enforcing forum rules and guidelines you agreed to.  Anyone arguing with a Moderator in a forum may be removed from the forum without notice.  Even though our volunteer Moderators have long hours invested in how to "manage" members, they are still not perfect people.  Moderators can be likened to referees in a football match,  the calls are made with the best intention in mind, and once the call has been made it is almost never reversed. Nevertheless, feel free to privately email any and all concerns to
We reserve the right to delete any message without cause and without warning.  You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indenify and hold harmless, the Forum and their sponsors and agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s).
We reserve the right to delete forum memberships if your conduct is detrimental to the forum, with or without prior warning.
You agree, through your use of this service, to abide by the forum rules.  You agree that you will not use the Forum to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, disrespectful, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or that otherwise violates any law, forum rule, mission statement, or the spirit in which these rules were approved.
You agree not to use the email addresses, phone numbers, or private information of any member on the forum, or as a result of participating on the forum, for any other purpose than personal communication with that member, and further agree to sustain the principles of the Forum without promoting any direct or indirect disrespect or harm to the organization, it's members or moderators.
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