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Italian 15x20x40x 76 Revolver

Started by Frank Lagorio, January 07, 2018, 07:16:45 PM

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Frank Lagorio

A beauty and does look like the type Rommel was using in a well-known picture:

I can't imagine how much this will sell for.

Niall McLaren

I noticed it too but, as you say, the sky's the limit Frank. ;)
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Rodolfo Peirano

QuoteI can't imagine how much this will sell for.

Very, very expensive  >:( . Not sure but I think the seller is that of the site:

everyone can learn from everyone - Rodolfo

Uli Zeun

Her you can see the one I have.

But as mine is missing one eyepiece, I will try to bid. Yes, and the seller is probably the one from historicacolelctibles (always showing items with some person who is holding the optics in his hands).
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