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Peter Abrahams

Started by Uli Zeun, March 11, 2018, 01:52:30 pm

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Loren Busch

Virtually none of you here will know me but I have been on the old binocular list for many years and was a friend of Peter. And I am as shocked as all of you at his sudden passing.
Has anyone or any group taken on the task of saving Peter's website and all the great information there?  It would be a great loss if it were to disappear.

Martin Soerensen

Hello Loren,
Yes, we are in contact with Peters family. His website will be retained.

All good things will come to those who believe

Loren Busch

Thank you Marin, That is good to hear.  And thanks to those preserving his website.

Peter De Laet

Dear friends, over the past two weeks many amongst you have made donations for Peter Abrahams' funeral wreath. Your response was overwhelming, a real tribute to Peter's work and legacy. In total we raised € 250. Complying to the wishes of Peter's family, we decided to spend € 100 on a floral piece, and donate the remaining amount to a scientific society, dear to Peter.

We thought it to be appropriate to donate to the Antique Telescope Society, Peter having been their president for many years. They are dedicating their upcoming convention to Peter's memory and we're certain that would be an appropriate use of our donation.
"Wer schaffen will, muss fröhlich sein!" Theodor Fontane, 1819-1898.

Frank Weissörtel

Sounds very good, Peter.

Frank Lagorio

This is a good idea, and I agree.

Rodolfo Peirano

I agree too - good idea
everyone can learn from everyone - Rodolfo

Zbig Fiema

Uli Zeun

Peter and Martin,
yes, donate the money to the ATS - they will make good use of it.
They (ATS Forum group) were the ones that I first got the information of Peter's passing away.
Regards Uli
* Mr. Monocular *

Martin Soerensen

Just an update, the money has been transferred respectively. Thank you to all here for the donations to make this possible

All good things will come to those who believe

Uli Zeun

Now there also is an online obituary from the Oregonian (Magazine). You can also sign a guest book there, leaving some personal words.

* Mr. Monocular *

Peter De Laet

Dear all,

Last Sunday, April 29, 2018, a memorial service celebrating Peter's life was held at Leach Botanical Garden in Portland. Jack saw to it that our floral piece arrived on time at Peter's home address (thank you Jack). His daughter Katie Abrahams has sent us the following message:

"I just received the unbelievably gorgeous orchids from you and the Binocular society. Thank you, so very much. Please pass on my thank yous to the society, the plant is so beautiful.

Many regards,

Also (just) in is a thank you letter from the ATS, which I've attached to this post.

Thank you all for your donations, making this possible.
"Wer schaffen will, muss fröhlich sein!" Theodor Fontane, 1819-1898.

Wim de Bruin

Peter and Martin , thanks for the update !